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How to get Started With Career and Succession Planning


Many organisations struggle to get meaningful career and succession plans up and running. The problem often is how to get the information to be able to plan. Perhaps let’s start with the end in mind. The most common measures that used in succession planning is bench strength and the 9-Box matrix. Bench strength will give [...]

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Writing Performance Goals that work


1. Start with who your “customers” are Identifying customers is the essence of the goal setting process. Your key customers are the people who are vital for the purposes of your job. We can define customers as the people or groups/teams to whom you provide products, services, information or processes. They can be internal or external [...]

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Is Capability Development on Your agenda?


The trends of globalisation, technology and consumerism drives increased competition. We also have financial pressure that leads to ongoing organisational cost cutting. Restructuring means less people; less people means more work per employee and less time for formal training. The competitive advantages of the past have been neutralised. This includes geographical exclusivity, quality products and [...]

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Are Performance Scores Impacting Employee Relationships?


Many organisations practice calibration of performance scores after completing performance reviews. But does the practice not promote distrust and compromise the manager subordinate relationship? In short, the answer could be no. If the possibility of calibration is communicated up front and if the reasons for the change are clearly communicated, then the risk is [...]

Are Performance Scores Impacting Employee Relationships?2020-08-19T15:31:16+00:00

Strategies to Encourage Self-Directed Learning


Give a man a fish you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Employees may not easily be predisposed to ongoing continuous learning. This passivity is inculcated through years of dependency that organisations have conditioned into their employees. We know that we cannot “instruct” employees [...]

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